About Your Visit

We hope you enjoy your visit to St. Paul’s. Below is information that may help you prepare for your visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Clock TowerHow long is the service?

Sunday services of Holy Communion or Morning Prayer are about 60-90 minutes long.

Sunday school lasts 45 minutes.

The Wednesday study and fellowship typically last about 90 minutes.

Bible on PewWhat is the service like?

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month and on certain holy days. This service includes hymns, Bible readings, a sermon, prayer, and communion. Baptized and confessing Christians are invited to communion. If you don’t wish to commune, you may remain seated while others come forward to receive the bread and wine.

Morning Prayer is held on all other Sundays. This service is simpler than the Communion service, but it also includes hymns, Bible readings, and prayer. A sermon is delivered after the prayers.

Evening Prayer is held occasionally, and this service is almost identical to Morning Prayer.

Our study and fellowship on Wednesday evenings has a relaxed format. Most of the time, we study the Bible, church doctrine, or other topics (such as church history or missionary work). Bibles, study books or handouts, and note-taking supplies are available. After the study, we often rehearse hymns for the following Sunday. At other times, we work on outreach projects or have special fellowship events. (Sometimes, Wednesday evening activities are held at other locations; please check our calendar to verify details.)

sweaterHow should I dress?

Modest attire of any form is appropriate. Our regular attenders usually wear business dress (a suit or dress) or business casual (casual shirt/blouse and pants).



spotlightWill I be singled out when I visit?

No. We do not ask visitors to stand, raise their hands, come to the front, or to do anything else that would put them on the spot.

Before and after the service, you’ll be greeted by other friendly churchgoers. We hope this will make you feel welcome. When you enter, a greeter will give you a service bulletin and visitor packet and ask you to fill in a visitor card so we can get to know you better.

moneyWill I be asked for money?

We do not expect first-time visitors to give. If the collection plate is passed to you, please pass it on to the next person.

While we view giving money to the church to be an act of worship of the Lord, we also believe it’s wise to invest in reliable and trustworthy churches. If you’re visiting for the first time, we understand that you may be unprepared to give because you are evaluating our trustworthiness.

ChildrenIs there a place for my children?

Children are welcome at all of our services. We don’t mind if your children make a little noise! We do not have a nursery, but, if your children are restless and need some room to move around, you may take them to the restrooms, narthex, or upstairs.

Because we are a small, growing church, we do not have Sunday school classes for all age groups. Instead, we provide a “pop-up” children’s Sunday school class for ages 4-12 that meets upstairs (the adults are downstairs in the chapel). A teacher and assistant lead the combined children’s class, and older students help with the younger. There is a restroom upstairs.

ParkingWhere should I park and enter?

On-street parking is available on North Street in front of the church. To avoid being ticketed by local police, please don’t reverse park or park in the alley beside the church.

Entry to the church is through the main door on North Street. It may be helpful to pull into the alley to allow the elderly and disabled easier access to the front door. If you need assistance, a greeter will be happy to help.